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Why running works

Running is hard. But it is also rewarding and burns the fat quicker than anything else.

One of the best things about running?


You don't need loads of kit to do it. And you don't need anywhere in particular either.

Strap your trainers on and off you go.

There's no piling all your kit together. There's no strapping on helmets and gloves, or driving to the gym.

Shorts on lace up and go.

You can wear heart rate monitors if you want to. There are devices now, for tracking every last little part of your run.

Or, you can just get out there and enjoy it.

Running in the glorious great outdoors is a special experience.

It doesn't matter whether it's raining, sunny or freezing cold you'll still enjoy your run.

How come?

Because there's something nice about running along under your own steam. Just you the road (or trail) and the great outdoors.

Maybe you are not quick. Maybe you don't run very far. But the point is: you are out there doing it.

Running will burn calories like no other. Any exercise will burn calories is you work at it. Running will eat through them much quicker.

There are loads of running events you can enter. Or, you can run alone and do it just for the enjoyment of itself.

You can use running to explore your surroundings too. Even around an area that you think you know.

When you run up new footpaths or roads and streets you are not familiar with, it adds to the fun - and you get your workout in.

Now let's explode some of the myths.

Yes, running can be hard on your body. And yes, you can get injuries.

Running will teach you to listen to your body. So that if you are struggling for some reason, you stop before doing damage.

Running isn't bad for your knees. Most of the problems with your legs are caused by wearing the wrong trainers - or just cheap rubbish.

Spend as much as you can afford on your trainers. They are your contact with the road or trail. Oh, and unboxing a new pair of trainers is a brilliant experience too. Because you imagine all the miles youa re going to do wearing them.

Running might be hard. But it does a great job of keeping you fit and not fat.