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Why choose running?

Of all the ways we can stay fit, why would anyone choose running? Because let's be honest, it's hard.

I didn't use running to get back to fitness. Not at first, it seemed like too big a step to take.

I spent a whole year going walking - further and faster as the year passed by.

The problem was: I lost weight in the early days. But losing more weight became a battle.

Enter running.

Because running is hardest physical activity we can do, you burn the fat quickly. You also develop aerobic fitness at a quicker rate.

So far, so good.

That's not the reason I chose running, though.


I chose running because of its simplicity. Pull on your t-shirt, shorts and trainers and away you go.

I like cycling too, but it's a right faff. What with needing to look after a bike, wearing a cycling helmet and all that stuff.

With running, you don't even have to wear a watch if you don't want to.

Some runners go out the door with loads of tech kit.

Fancy watches, heart rate monitors and drinking bottles , etc.

Me? I'm pissed off if I have to wear a jacket because it's cold/raining.

The running sensor

When you've been running for a while, you develop what I call a running sensor.

It's like an extension of your normal consciousness.

It tells you when you are running well. And when you are struggling.

It also tells you when you can push harder and what effect that's having on your body.

Who needs a fancy piece of tech strapped to your wrist? You've got some serious processing power inside your head.

Fitting it in

Running is also easy to fit in to your day.

Because you only need four pieces of kit (t-shirt, shorts, socks and trainers) that can be carried in your daysack/backpack it means you can fit a run in any time.

I remember struggling to sleep one night last summer, so I went for a run - it was 3am.

The bottom line...

Running is hard. It takes dedication, determination and discipline to achieve your goals.

But running is easy to enjoy. Your trainers are the most expensive part of the kit you need.

You don't need loads of other stuff. You don't need fancy gadgets. But, you can use them if you want.

You are running along out in the fresh air. At one with your surroundings and powered by your own physicality.

The greatest thing for me about running?