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What's with all the poetry shenanigans?

Poetry can seem as stuffy and irrelevant. It can seem old-fashioned and only for posh people. That's all wrong and here's why.

Most writing follows a formula. Some writing is formulaic because it has to be. News reports for example.

Poetry, on the other hand, introduces freedom and creativity. It can be formulaic too. But it doesn't have to be.

I don't write poetry for a living. I'm not sure I'd want to. I'd worry that I'd be losing my freedom.

Sometimes, when I'm writing I also listen to my preferred music genre: death metal.

Not everyone's taste, I know, but that's the point. Poetry is like that too.

I hate (strong word, but there you go) flowery, arty farty stuff. Waxing lyrical and saying nothing about anything.

My first poetic inspiration came from the World War One poets, such as Wilfred Owen and Sigfreid Sassoon.

I see poetry as being the same as how we develop a taste in music. There's stuff you like and stuff you don't like - you have the freedom to choose.

Yeah, but really? Poetry? Why?

It's simple. Poetry opens up a channel of creativity that may stay closed otherwise.

For a writer, having a creative channel opened is a useful feature. When I get stuck for ideas, I often let some poetry come out - it helps to free up my thinking.

I find that the idea for a poem can come out of nowhere. It might be a fragment of a sentence. Or something you experience.

The next thing you know, a poem starts to form in your mind. It's a truly creative process.

You can have some fun with it too. Like writing nonsensical Limericks:

There's a poet who writes about death,
Not just because he's got bad breath,
He isn't that much fun,
You might as well get a gun,
And shoot the twat talking about Macbeth.

Your inspiration might come from other forms, but the point is: you'll be inspired, and I'll be saying: "See? Poetry isn't just for posh people..."