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We all float down here

I wrote this one in recognition of the latest movie version of Stephen King's IT. So, float along and have a read...

Dodge this place because we all float down here,
Avoid it like your life depends on it.
Down here, you can shout but no one will hear,
You can scream but no one will give a shit.
Down here is where all the empty souls go,
We used to be just like you, full of life,
But we fell victim to a shocking blow,
And now we are left to deal with our strife.
Stay away because we all float down here,
Lifeless and void, we are as good as dead.
Don't be like us and just disappear,
The idea of that should fill you with dread.
Once you are down with us, don't shed a tear,
You've arrived now and we all float down here.