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2018-02-14 21:12:24

Here's why your first few words have to do one thing well

The copy on your website has a lot of work to do. But it’s gone no chance if your first few words don’t work.

You land a website after clicking on a link from the search results. You clicked the link because the brief description sounded about right.

You land on the site and...

Nothing. It doesn’t have what you want so, you click the Back button and try again.

Here’s the thing: the whole process took no more than a few seconds.

The first few words could have made a big difference. That’s why they are so important.

The first few words...

It’s annoying when you start reading a web page and it takes ages to get to the juicy part, right?

That’s why each content section has to do its work by catching your visitors attention.

I’ve used a gimmick in the headline for this post. It is a gimmick, but if you’ve got this far, it’s likely that it worked - to some extent.

The first few words and then...

Copywriters can learn a lot from journalists. They nail their intros in 18-20 words.

And in those few words, they set up the whole story.

When you read a news report,the headline, the intro and the next few lines tell you the gist of the whole story.

When it comes to the copy on your website, the same effect needs to apply.

Skimmers and scanners

Nobody reads the copy in a web page. Your visitors will skim. They’ll scan and then they’ll skim again.

The point being: if your first few words don’t do their job, the rest of it won’t matter.

It’s not only the first few words, though. Because once they have worked, the next few words lead your reader on to the next few.

Your copy should keep going like that. All the way to your call to action, special offer or whatever it is you want your visitors to do.

The First few words and the headline

80% of people read you headline. Only 20% will read on. That’s why advertisers and marketers bang on about the importance of a good headline.

Headlines are a whole new topic.

What I’ll say here is: the headline is what starts the process of getting visitors into your next few words.

Do you need to review the effectiveness of your first few words? Or your headlines? If so, give me a shout.