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02 May 2020

When We Could Walk the Streets

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When We Could Walk the Streets

I’m not in to all the sub-genres thrown around in photography. Stuff like street and urban stitched on to the word does my head in.

For me, it’s all photography - pure and simple.

So, what is photogenic out in the big city (or small town)?

If you’ve seen the BT tower in Birmingham city centre, it is a significant building. But I wanted to shoot it so that the way the city has grown around it was apparent.

Small towns have their own character, too.


I know. I said the city. And here’s a picture taken in Christchurch, Dorset.

Couple of things to say straight away: I could have used colour for this - of course. And why am I classing this as urban?

Well, Christchurch is a busy little town. But when I reviewed this photo I saw a juxtaposition.

The graceful, elegant swan. And the old, broken building behind. Making the photo greyscale gave it a different mood. The one I was looking for.

Here’s a similar mood in a much more urban area…

Birmingham swans

This was was taken while I was walking along the canal in Birmingham city centre. It was one of those quick, grab that scene moments.

That’s true of a lot of photography around the streets. Because like everywhere else, the light does it’s amazing thing - in the briesfest of moments. It does a dull scene into something special.

While I prefer greyscale for this kind of photography, sometimes colour does work…


I took this one in Leamington Spa. I was stood in a carpark and the scene is drab most of the time. But this moment highlighted what I said a moment ago - the light did it’s thing and boom, there’s a photo.

When the threat of Covid-19 finally dissipates, I’ll enjoy getting back out to do some more of this stuff. It’s a good challenge for the way you see your surroundings.

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