Thoughts and brain dumps

Thoughts and brain dumps

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10 Dec 2019

Running in Bad Weather

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Let’s face it, this time of year is a bit crap when it comes to what weather conditions we can expect. Here’s some thoughts on still running, regardless of what the weather decides to do.

As I left home this morning, the first thing I noticed was an icy wind trying to cut me in half. 

It was in my face for the first mile. I didn’t mind too much because I had some hills to take on first - they helped me to warm up.

But id did get me to thinking: who goes running when it’s so bloody cold like this?

Answer? Nutters like me. 

And the reason? Because there’s no reason not to run. It’s cold, that’s all. But not cold enough to make running a daft idea… ahem

Are there weather conditions NOT to run in?

I don’t run when it’s icy underfoot. Falling on my arse is not part of my training plan. 

I DO run in snow, rain, wind and warm sunshine. And everything else between. 

Not ice, though.

I try to avoid torrential rain - especially if it’s cold too. Not because it’s bad news - it’s not much fun is all. 

Are there special gear considerations?

No, apart from the obvious. Wear layers if it’s cold. 

Wear trainers that can handle the wet if it’s chucking down with rain. And a decent wet weather jacket.

If it’s blowing a gale you might not set a record pace when you are running in to it. 

But wear enough to be comfortable. Otherwise you could be in for a miserable experience.

Being honest, I don’t like wearing too much stuff when I’m running. So I tend to set off feeling a little cold.

That’s only because I heat up fast. 

I often see other runners in hats, gloves and big jackets when I’m in a t-shirt. But that’s fine, whatever makes you comfortable.

On your head…

If it’s pissing down with rain or freezing cold I always wear:

  • A baseball cap (keeps the rain off my glasses)
  • A beanie (keeps my head warm which seems to help keep me warm)

That’s rain OR cold. I don’t wear both at the same time - that would be annoying.

…And when you get home

Get warm as soon as possible. Get wet kit off and get dried off, quick. 

Put layers on to get warm. I’ve got a worn out old fleece jacket that I throw on. It might be old but it’s warm and I warmer straight away.

That way, you should avoid anything nasty getting hold of you (colds etc.)

The bottom line is: I don’t want to miss my runs - ever. Only if I’ve planned to (a rest day). 

Winter running can be a pain in the arse. It feels like it’s cold, wet and dark in perpetuity. 

But stay positive and let your running clear your mind. Then, the next thing you’ll know is it’s summer.

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