Thoughts and brain dumps

Thoughts and brain dumps

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14 Nov 2019

Not another running blog

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Yeah, I know. This is a blog with posts about running. Along with the gazillion others already out there. What makes this one different?

Runners look for information about running all the time. That I do know.

I also know that there are many blogs written by runners far better at it than me.

But therein lies my advantage: this running blog is honest. It is brutal with its honesty. 

I’m happy to say things like: 

A lot of the running advice on Social Media is bullshit


It’s not Ok to be slow. Everyone wants to run faster…


I’m not a medical professional or a running coach, I know what I know from personal experience…

We can’t all be elite runners

I started this blog because I got pissed off with much of the content for runners out there. Reading about running always from a capable runners perspective gets tedious. 

You know, the people who talk about doing a recovery run at 8-minute pace.

I’m like: 8-minute mile? I dream of the day when I can achieve that sort of pace...

That’s why I’ve called this blog:

Running for normal people

You can call me slow if you want (I am) but don’t EVER question how serious I am (and many others like me) about my running.

The 4AM club…

During the week, I’m out of bed at 4am to get my run in. That takes some serious commitment. Or it does when you consider I often only crawled into bed 4 hours earlier.

I’m not a good sleeper either so…

Anyway, I love running. This very morning I was out early, as usual.

 It was dark and icy cold. But I was running along moonlit roads and paths. It was glorious. 

I’m also full of a nasty viral infection at the moment. It didn’t matter for the time I was running (well, maybe a little - my breathing was a bit laboured). At least I was running. 


Running credentials

What qualifies me to write a running blog?

  • I’m a runner and I love it
  • I can write
  • I have a fair amount of running experience 
  • I have a story to tell (pulmonary embolisms and cancer - that’s only this year)

But I will keep it real. That’s my pledge to you. 

There’s plenty of material out there already for the good runners. I want to provide something for those of us who struggle with it but still love it anyway. 

Running. But for normal people.

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