Thoughts and brain dumps

Thoughts and brain dumps

By Andy Hawthorne. Words, photos, code and running…

31 Dec 2019

Running DOES help you lose weight

It is the time of year when loads of articles tell you why the gym is the only true way to lose weight.
27 Dec 2019

Time to Buy a DSLR

Relying on my smartphone for photography finally ran out of steam. It was time for a DSLR...
26 Dec 2019

Point and Shoot Photography

We are all photographers now because of smartphones, but are our photos any good?
23 Dec 2019

Blogging from anywhere

Blogging from any device can be a challenge, says the blogger drafting this post on his iPad...
22 Dec 2019

Coding Up a Storm

The Agile manifesto had a big effect on me when I first read it. And it still does, here's why...
20 Dec 2019

Some Machine Learning Notes

Machine learning is a complex topic so here are some introductory notes
19 Dec 2019

Blog Hosting Options

Being a developer means I'm always faffing about with my personal web projects. Choosing where to keep my blog being one of them.
18 Dec 2019

Creativity: getting Something Down

I get an idea. So I write down straight away - even if I scrap it later. that way I don't miss anything.
16 Dec 2019

Running: Mind Your ambition

Running makes us ambitious and sometimes that can cause failure
15 Dec 2019

Plain English, Please

There's a lot of writing out there that is verbose. Writing with plain English is worth the effort, here's why...