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How to make social media work for your business

Finding the right social media strategy can be a challenge. It’s not that different from the usual marketing strategies - here’s some tips.

Social media can be like being at a big match in a stadium filled with 80,000 people. And trying to get your voice heard over the other 79,999 people. It doesn’t have to be like that if you’ve defined your purpose.

Many people (and businesses) will throw a random tweet out. Then,
wonder why it doesn’t achieve anything.

Twitter is a conversation in it’s simplest form. But if you are tweeting for your business, there also needs to be a call to action. As in other forms of marketing communication.

You’ll need to set a goal for your social media activities.

There are (at least) three types of goal you can set:

1. Social media selling

Driving sales via social media need care. If you come across as always driving a hard sell, people won’t interact.

I’m a fan of heavy metal music. One of the things many bands do well is using their social media accounts to let followers know what they are up to.

It might be a new album about to drop, playing a gig or new stuff on You Tube.

The point is: they’re reaching out to a well-defined target audience. Their followers presumably enjoy their music. That makes them a target audience.

If people follow your business it might be because they are thinking of buying from you. That’s a lead, right there.

Imagine putting out a tweet with a discount code. A code only available on Twitter. Your followers will appreciate that and word will get around.

You shouldn’t make everything a sales pitch, though. Useful, information and fun stuff will help build a sense of belonging for your followers.

2. Loyalty

A near perfect scenario might look like this.

A follower has purchased from you. Several times now.

They tweet about their positive experience with your business. So, you like and retweet their tweet.

There will be a reward for that simple action - more interaction and more sales.

Acknowledgement is something that your followers will like. Your simple action of acknowledging their tweets or posts will strengthen their loyalty.

Next, you need to be quick to respond to public questions. If you leave people hanging, the negative feedback will start.

Reminders are useful for building loyalty too. Reminders of how your product or service has helped your customers.

3. Awareness

This one is about finding the right audience. The point at the beginning, about being in s stadium full of other noisy fans applies here.

You can’t just lob a tweet over the wall and hope for the best. An interest in the kind of product or service you provide is key. Find those people, and you are away.

Social media marketing is like other marketing channels in many ways. But it gives you the opportunity to reach people with a unique interaction platform. Set a goal and stay focussed on it for best results.

If you need help with your social media campaigns, drop me a line, I’ll be happy to help.