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How to choose a blogging platform

Wordpress has a lot going for it when choosing a blogging platform. It’s not the only option, though. It may not be the best option either. Here’s why.

Wordpress is available everywhere you can host a website. It has all the features you need to build a successful blog. But that isn’t always enough.

If you just want to churn out posts then Wordpress is difficult to argue against. It’s almost the de facto standard for a blog, for good reason - it works well.

So use WordPress then, right?

Not quite. There are times when WordPress feels like overkill for what you want.

All those themes and plugins are a distraction from producing great content.

Then there are the updates. If you don’t keep your WordPress site up to date, you are prone to all kinds of attacks.

You can argue that about many platforms, of course. But WordPress is a victim of it’s own success. It’s so popular that it has become a target for hacks etc.

In the end, though, the content argument is the most powerful.

You can and will get side-tracked installing all manner of plugins and trying new themes.

What you want to be doing is focussing on your content. That’s why WordPress can sometimes be a bit more than you want.

The process of writing blog posts starts with inspiration. An idea, thought or experience worth sharing. Or, some content you want to share with your customers.

The platform you choose for your blog affects how well it works. WordPress is not the only option for producing a successful blog.

It’s true that WordPress looks after thousands of blogs. And for good reason - it’s good at it.

But all those tools and features can be off-putting. When what you want to do is produce some great content - quick.

Writing new content should feel like you are adding value to your website. More than anything else, that should be the main feeling.

Other blog engines can help with that too, is all I’m saying.

So, now you’re thinking: which one should I use?

My reply is: I’m not telling you. That’s sort of the point. I’d encourage you to shop around and see what else is available.

But do it with one important caveat: you are thinking about quality content. That’s it. Quality content rules the decision because content is still king.

It boils down to this: by all means use Wordpress if it addresses your needs. But if you have the spirit of adventure and want room for your blog to breathe, try something else.