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Blogging: just graffiti with punctuation?

The 2011 movie Contagion referred to blogging as graffiti with punctuation. Is it, though? And why does it matter?

There are gazillions of blogs out on the inter-web. Loads of 'em. If you are planning on adding yours, or already have, here's a thing.

You still have to write for your readers. As long as you do that, then how you use your blog matters less.

It matters less because readers will consume your content if it is of interest.

It's the interest part that matters. your blog might be about the most obscure thing anyone can think of. But if it's of interest to others, you'll still get readers.

The idea that blog posts are not proper writing is an old fashioned attitude. And incorrect.

Your average company website will have blog. As will a website for any large organisation. Then there's the billions of personal blogs.

There's a reason for that.

And it's not rocket science (although your blog might be about that).

People do read blog posts. There's an irritating marketing phrase:

Content marketing

It might be much overused and annoying, but businesses are doing it on a daily basis.

Why? Because it's a great way to reach their customers without a hard sell.

What about if it's you and not a business?

Well, if you've got something useful to share, why not blog it?

Does it matter of you're not the best writer in the world? Not in the slightest. If you have useful information, people will still read it.

So, back to the graffiti argument. Some graffiti is amazing isn't it? Real pieces of artwork. Some is wanton vandalism.

Blog posts can't be vandalism - unless it's so bad that it feels like it's vandalised the web itself.

Otherwise, it's information. And sharing information was the original purpose of the World Wide Web.

If your prose is a bit off, practice will help. But the main thing is: if it's useful, interesting or entertaining share it.

Better that than useful information going astray.

Graffiti with punctuation might describe some blogs well. So what? If it's good content and people are reading it, then it's job done from the authors point of view.