These posts are all related to using running to keep the timber off and to stay healthy.

July 15, 2019

You can run with cancer but it's not easy

Running saved my life. It also helps my mental health if I'm honest. So, having cancer wasn't going to stop me getting out there. Or was it? Bladder cancer leaves you prone to needing to pee - and...


July 9, 2019

Why running?

Running is hard. So hard that you'd have to be a bit tapped in the head to want to do it willingly. Yet millions of people do. So, why do we all like subjecting ourselves to the huge levels of pain...


July 7, 2019

5 ways to improve your running photos

I'm not a photographer but I do like taking the odd snap while I'm out running. And I've learned a thing or two. I'm not going to try and tell you how to take better photos. These are a few things...


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