July 15, 2019

You can run with cancer but it's not easy

Running saved my life. It also helps my mental health if I'm honest. So, having cancer wasn't going to stop me getting out there. Or was it? Bladder cancer leaves you prone to needing to pee - and...


July 13, 2019

How cancer f**ks you up - part 1

I have bladder cancer. But I'm not ill as such and I'm in no way suffering as badly as some poor folk who also have cancer. But cancer has f**ked me up. Here's the story... Context is everything. So...


July 12, 2019

Writing about cancer is probably a bad idea

Writing about a medical condition like cancer is scary. It’s a big subject and it’s easy to get things wrong. The first question is: why would anyone want to write about cancer? For me, the...


July 11, 2019

The best way to comment your code

All developers know that they should comment their code. Yeah, they do. So how come so many still don't? Why do simple comments so often get left out of the source code? Here's the best reasons for...