Andy Hawthorne

Projects, writing, running and photography


I’m an experienced web development, website project management and data analytics professional with over 20 years of accumulated knowledge. Well versed in the ever-changing web development environment and adaptable between technologies. Pro-active when it comes to challenging deadlines and reliable in delivering results during complex projects.

Key skills

I’m currently working towards PRINCE2 project management certification. I also have five years experience implementing agile development cycle strategies through scrum and kanban.

I have a coding background so I’m still proficient with PHP and Python. And my current role is in data science. So I’ve picked up a lot of experience helping to drive a machine learning/ artificial intelligence project.

Employment history

Web manager/developer - Augmented Insights Ltd

Leamington Spa (May 2019 - Present)

  • Joined a data scientist in a spin-out company from Warwick University to launch a Artificial Intelligence/machine learning platform
  • Set up the agile working practices for the development workflow
  • Built the API endpoints to allow client data to be processed by the processing models
  • Worked with clients to demonstrate how to prepare their data for analysis
  • Wrote the Python code to allow web APIs to interact with the machine learning algorithms
  • Managed agile development methodologies for data cleansing and software development
  • Wrote the API user guides for external customers
  • Built and maintained the company website
  • Helped develop the company’s sales and marketing strategy

Freelance web manager

Coventry (January 2019 - May 2019)

  • Worked with a variety of local businesses to recommend the development strategy for their websites
  • Obtained a client based in the United States that needed help and recommendations to improve the maintenance tools on their website. And also to improve their natural search rankings through improved content architecture.

Head of Development - Clevercherry

Birmingham (May 2018 January 2019)

  • Led a team of four developers and a systems administrator
  • Introduced common working practices around managing code and project development
  • Re-focused the development team to switch to using the Laravel PHP framework as the primary development tool using best practice
  • Led the conversion of multiple legacy projects to the Laravel framework
  • Worked closely with the accounts team to manage the workflow

Head of Development - Denfield Advertising & Marketing

Leamington Spa (November 2013 – May 2018)

  • Joined the company as a Senior Developer – promoted to Head of Development
  • Introduced common working practices around managing code and project development
  • Mentored the development team to switch to using the Laravel PHP framework as the primary development tool
  • Re-structured the development team to maximise productivity
  • Currently implementing Kanban to further improve the workflow
  • Refined and improved working practices within the development team to help the company achieve ISO 27001 accreditation
  • Developed the abilities of each member of the team so that the company could take on much bigger web development projects

Senior Developer, Open Study College

Birmingham (July 2009 – November 2013)

  • Rebuilt the main corporate web presence from the ground up.
  • That included changing it to run on a PHP MVC framework and a faster dedicated Linux server
  • Built a corporate Intranet from scratch so that many paper-based procedures became web-based
  • Also included a full reporting module to improve visibility of online sales and website performance
  • Built a student management system so that tutors could login and update assessment records
  • Worked with the Marketing Manager to improve online conversions and visitor engagement for the corporate website.