Andy Hawthorne

Andy Hawthorne

Projects, photos and running

19 Dec 2019


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Andy Hawthorne Hello. I’m Andy and I’m based in Coventry, England.


I lead software/web development teams. I’ve been a developer and worked in and around software and web development for the past 20 years. I’m the process guy - be it scrum or kanban. Or perhaps a hybrid of the two.

Agile development is my main weapon of choice. But I recognise that tailoring to the given organisation will be needed. I’m studying for PRINCE2 project management certification.


I’ve been taking photographs since I was a youngster. Photography is my creative outlet. It’s my passion.

All the photos on this website were created by me. I say created because I’m a firm believer that Ansel Adams was right:

You don’t take a photograph, you make it.


Running fixes my head (and my body). If I couldn’t do anything else, I’d go running. I started running again in 2014 and haven’t looked back.

I find a lot of writing about running assumes you have a certain ability. I try to write to include runners at all levels. It’s a high aim, but I will try. Because it seems a shame to leave out the sloggers and plodders. I was one and I still loved running. I was no less dedicated than a 100-mile a week athlete. Running is for everyone.