About Me

Hi there, I'm a freelance writer based in Coventry, England. I also code for the web and manage web development projects.

If I can help you out with some copy, a blog post or an article, drop me a line.

Writing is my passion. I write something every day with the intention of getting better at it.

This site is my writing portal. So, you'll find a range of posts/articles/short stories and poems here.

To improve as a writer, I've achieved the following:

Copywriting level 4 diploma

I studied with the College of Media and Publishing to gain some credibility as a copywriter. I passed the course with a distinction.

Freelance feature writing diploma

I studied at the London School of Journalism for this one. The course gve me the skills to write feature articles for newspapers and magazines. I passed this course with a distinction too.

I'm a published author

I wrote a technical web development book for beginners that was published by SitePoint.

There's poetry too

I write poems to aid my creativity. I've not been published yet, but I'm working on that.