I've been blogging for years but I still stop and question why I bother from time to time. So, here's five reasons why blogging is worth the effort.

Every blogger will have their own reasons for keeping a blog. And most business websites have one too. They both exist for the same reason (in the end). That reason is: to create consumable content. That's content people read and engage with.

But in case you are struggling to start one, or keep one going that you recently started, here's five reasons that should help you keep going.

1. You've got something to say

Most people that run a blog do so because they’ve got something to say.


A word of caution. So what?

Shouting your mouth off on your blog won’t attract too many readers. It’s not like social media.

So, it’s great that you’ve got something to say. Just be sure it’s something other people (readers) will be interested in. Otherwise, what’s the point?

2. You have subject expertise

You know stuff about stuff. And you'd like to share you knowledge. There's no better place than via a blog. And if you do know your stuff, it won't take long for people (readers) to realise that and keep coming back.

Sharing knowledge is after all, what Sir Tim Berners-Lee created the web for.

3. Blogging is better than social media

Yeah, you can Tweet and post on Instagram. You've got Facebook for posting random pictures of your cat. Your blog is where you get serious about providing your own quality content.

It's likely that you'll use social media to promote your posts. But they'll be there in all their glory - on your website and not lost in some maelstrom of tweets or Facebook dribble.

4. it's a way to keep learning

Preparing a blog post requires some (at least) research. And if you are writing an instructional post, you’ll need to know what you are going on about. So, that means you have to keep developing your knowledge - that’s a good thing, right?

As you go through the process of choosing what to write about, you can also learn new things. When you learn something new, your natural enthusiasm for the subject will come through when you write about it. That’s an excellent condition for your readers.

5. You've realised writing is only a small part of the job

Blogging isn’t about writing. Writing is what you do to create your post.

It’s the knowledge and research that you put in that forms the purpose of the post. It’s that finding out process that blogging is really all about.

So, you don’t have to be a great writer to write interesting and informative blog posts. Once you realise that, it makes the job easier.

Blogging is a great way to share your knowledge, thoughts and ideas with other people. It is worth the effort - you’ve just read five reasons why. So, do you blog? If so, what are your reasons?