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3 ways to get writing inspiration from your devices

It doesn’t take much to get me writing. However, looking for new ideas can sometimes be a challenge. So, changing how you write might just give you some inspiration. Let me explain...

I can think of stuff to write about fairly quick. But there are times when I need some help.

It might seem strange, but the devices you use to write might also offer the way to get new ideas. This post is an example of that.

Here’s what I mean:

Write using a different device

I’ve written using my phone, iPad and my laptop. Nothing unusual there, lots of people have.

But if you tap into how it helps, there are some interesting things to find, For example, sometimes a random thought crosses my mind. Back in the day, you’d grab a notebook and jot it down.

We might not carry notebooks any more. We do carry our phones. So, sometimes, when I want to write, I’ll use my phone. It’s a different experience and often produces a different result.

You might be thinking: how so? It’s still writing.

I think it’s because you are using tools in a way you don’t normally. It fires up the creative neurones.

There’s no need for laptops, computers or anything else. Grab your phone and start writing.

My favourite device for writing is my iPad. It’s what I’m using to write this. My iPad and a Bluetooth keyboard have bashed out a lot of words.

Again, it’s different from sitting behind a laptop and therefore, your thinking alters. It might sounds daft, but it’s true. Or your thinking gets a refresh. New environment, new ideas.

Pick an app

If you are going to use your phone or tablet to write, you’ll need an app to write with.

I’m deliberately not going to start reviewing apps. Hit the App Store and pick one, or several.

The only thing I would say is make sure you enjoy using the app. That’s important because it helps with the inspiration.

Change how you write

Right then, how about this. I’ve already mentioned that using an actual notebook is a good idea. You know, with a pen or pencil. And do actual handwriting.

You could install one of those handwriting apps on your tablet. Then, you can write using your finger or a stylus.

Because that’s not how you normally write, it might just spark some creativity. And it’s fun.

Doing something different can help in many areas of life. Writing is no different. Changing how you work, or what you work with can provide a fresh spark of creativity. Give it a go, you’ll see what I mean.