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Andy Hawthorne

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19 May 2020

Running and losing weight - part 2

Now that the weight has started to come off, how do you keep it going?
17 May 2020

Why Going Agile Is Worth the Effort

Digital agencies struggle with agile methodologies because of the business model they operate from. But there is a way...
16 May 2020

How to Take a Rest Day From Running

Taking rest days from running is hard. Here's a way to make it easier...
13 May 2020

How to Lose Weight by Running Part 1

Running and trying to lose weight go well together, but it's not as easy as you might think...
10 May 2020

Photographing in Black and White

Black and white photography is a good way to sharpen your skills, here’s why..
07 May 2020

Estimation and Story Points in an Agile Project

Using story points to estimate work is a better than time blocks, here's why...
05 May 2020

When Is a Project a Project?

When does normal work become a project? Or the other way around?
04 May 2020

Why Agile Spikes Are a Good Thing

Agile spikes are user stories that cannot be estimated. And they are OK, heres why...
02 May 2020

When We Could Walk the Streets

Ah, I remember a time when we could wander around with our cameras...
30 Apr 2020

Getting Close to Your Subject

Close-up photography opens up a new world of subjects to photograph...
26 Apr 2020

Why Polyglot Developers Get Hired

Polyglot developers get hired because they bring multiple skills to the table. But there's more to it than that...
20 Apr 2020

Why You Should Be Shooting in Raw Format

Raw format uses more space but also gives you more control over the finished photo...
18 Apr 2020

Why You Should Make Your Running Uncomfortable

Getting used to being uncomfortable while running is useful if you want to improve...
16 Apr 2020

The Deliverable Software Challenge

Deliverable software is what we want, but getting there can be a challenge...
10 Apr 2020

How to Make Your Running Count

The simple act of running is good for you. But to make it really count you need something else...
09 Apr 2020

Photographing Action

Capturing movement is challenging but good fun...
08 Apr 2020

A Reason to Run

Everyone has their own reason for running. Here's some thoughts...
07 Apr 2020

Managing Change in a Software Project

While change is acceptable in agile development, it still has to be managed...
14 Mar 2020

Why You Are the Best Person to Beat at Running

Don't worry about whether you can run faster than other people. It's you that matters...