Blogging: why you have to make it count

Deciding to blog means you need great content that people find useful and of benefit to them. Here's why...

Web builds and copywriting...

Coding websites and writing copy for them might seem like a strange combination at first. But experience and skills in both means I have a unique blend of abilities when it comes to creating websites.

So, if it's a copywriter you are looking for, here's some details about what I can do for you. Or, you could just drop me a line.

I also work as a web development manager. I not only talk code, but I can also write it. And agile methodologies are a given when I'm managing your web builds.

When I'm not working, I like to be out on the hills. My favourite place in the whole world is the Lake District. But I'm a big fan of the Peak District and the Malvern Hills too. To keep fit for hiking over the fells, peaks and hills I go running. I write about that too.