About Me

I write code and words. I'm based in Coventry, England although the Lake District is my favourite place in the world.

You can drop me a line or catch me on Twitter.

I'm made up of several parts:


I've been writing code for websites since the late ninties. I use PHP frameworks like Laravel and CodeIgniter to build websites of all sorts.

In my day job I'm soon to be Head of Development at Clever Cherry in Birmingham.


I like to write. I've managed:

  • A diploma with distinction in Freelance and Feature Writing from the London School of Journalism.
  • An Advanaced Diploma in Copywriting (also passed with a distinction grade)
  • I wrote a book called Jump Start Rails which was a beginners guide to coding. with Ruby on Rails and was published by SitePoint


I work hard at staying fit. I ran for years, but never very fast. These days, I tend to walk a lot. I find long distance walking particularly appealing. It's nice getting from one place to another under your own steam.