I'm a feature writer and author, web coder and keen runner/cyclist from Coventry, England. I've also tried my hand at some fiction writing in the form of short stories.

Latest posts

  • Rails on El Capitan

    Posted in: Coding
    Your normal Rails setup may not continue to work as expected after upgrade to El Capitan. Here's a few tips I discovered to get going again.
  • Running eyeballs out

    Posted in: Fitness
    One of the core sessions you run during your weekly schedule will no doubt involve some speed training. I've found a way to do it that is fun and requires no finesse at all, you just go for it.
  • An argument for micro-frameworks

    Posted in: Coding
    Micro-frameworks are very useful under certain development situations. But more than that, they are a dose of web development fresh air, here's why...
  • Why taking a rest makes you faster

    Posted in: Fitness
    Rest days are an important part of your fitness schedule, especially if you are a runner. Here's why...
  • Beating bad weather

    Posted in: Fitness
    Running in bad weather can be a miserable experience. There are things you can do to improve the experience though.
  • Why run?

    Posted in: Fitness
    Lots of people go running and everyone has their reasons why. Here's some of mine...
  • The book debate

    Posted in: Writing
    Reading is food for the mind apparently. How we read is a point of debate though. Are you for real books, e-books or something in between?
  • Coding with Einstein

    Posted in: Coding
    If we except the premise that much of our work developing web sites is about solving real world problems, then perhaps Einstein can help us...
  • The first ride

    Posted in: Fitness
    I haven't ridden a bicycle for 25 years. Here's how it felt starting to cycle again.
  • Why writing code is like normal writing

    Posted in: Coding
    Writing code is like actual writing because it needs to be coherent, specific and easily understood. Can some excellent writing tips be applied to writing code? Let's see...
  • The problem with being a heavy runner

    Posted in: Fitness
    There is an argument that suggests heavy runners aren't more prone to injury than lighter runners. Here's some evidence that contradicts that view...
  • Why form should follow function in web design

    Posted in: Coding
    The devilment in building web sites is found in the juxtaposition required between creativity and functional excellence. Your average web site demands that form should follow function.

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