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  • Coding with Einstein

    Posted in: Coding
    If we except the premise that much of our work developing web sites is about solving real world problems, then perhaps Einstein can help us...
  • Why writing code is like normal writing

    Posted in: Coding
    Writing code is like actual writing because it needs to be coherent, specific and easily understood. Can some excellent writing tips be applied to writing code? Let's see...
  • The problem with being a heavy runner

    Posted in: Fitness
    There is an argument that suggests heavy runners aren't more prone to injury than lighter runners. Here's some evidence that contradicts that view...
  • Why form should follow function in web design

    Posted in: Coding
    The devilment in building web sites is found in the juxtaposition required between creativity and functional excellence. Your average web site demands that form should follow function.
  • Writing content using your phone

    Posted in: Writing
    Content creation is truly mobile these days, because of bigger screens and well featured apps on smart phone and tablets. How much of the writing process can be completed on your phone though?
  • When the running has to stop

    Posted in: Fitness
    I see a doctor in the morning regarding an injury that has been casuing me a lot of pain for the past month. I'm dreading the diagnosis because I suspect stopping running will form part of the advice I'll receive.
  • The responsive challenge

    Posted in: Coding

    Building web sites these days definitely requires making sure that the site is responsive for other devices too. But with an ever increasing number of devices to support, it feels like efforts to ensure responsiveness have taken over the entire web building process.

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