Hi there, my name is Andy Hawthorne and I'm a web developer and writer based in Coventry, England. Here, you will find tutorials that serve two purposes: a reminder for me after I've figured out how to do something, help for you if you are faced with the same problem(s).

Latest Posts

  • Web coding lesson 3
    This is lesson 3 of the web course. In this lesson you'll see how to build a simple, but complete web page using HTML5 and CSS
  • Web coding lesson 2
    This is lesson 2 of the web coding course. We'll continue to build our knowledge of the HTML tags we can use for formatting text and controlling page layout. You'll also begin to see how to use Cascading Stylesheets
  • Web coding lesson 1
    I'll be writing a series posts that will together be a mini course course about getting started with web coding. This is the first lesson in the course. It covers the options for getting started with web coding and creating simple pages.
  • Paginating Search Results With CodeIgniter
    A tutorial explaining how to use the CodeIgniter pagination library to paginate search results.
  • Layouts With Laravel 4.2
    Creating layouts with Bootstrap and the Laravel 4.2 framework.

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