I'm a web coder, feature writer and author and keen runner from Coventry, England.


  • Slow runners guide to smashing out the faster miles

    Posted in: Running
    Improving running pace isn't just about running faster. There are some other factors to consider too.
  • To blog or not to blog

    Posted in: Writing
    People who write web code for a living have to decide what their own site (if they have one) will be. That raises the question about including a blog. And it raises a question about blogging in general.
  • Why web developers are like footall fans

    Posted in: Coding
    Web developers have common traits with football fans when it comes to choice of frameworks and other tools.
  • Why technical blogging is hard

    Posted in: Writing
    Writing blog posts is one thing, writing technical posts is something else. Here's a few notes about creating technical content.
  • Writing content using your phone

    Posted in: Writing
    Content creation is truly mobile these days, because of bigger screens and well featured apps on smart phone and tablets. How much of the writing process can be completed on your phone though?

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