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  • The responsive challenge

    Building web sites these days definitely requires making sure that the site is responsive for other devices too. But with an ever increasing number of devices to support, it feels like efforts to ensure responsiveness have taken over the entire web building process.

  • Why CodeIgniter 3.0 works for us

    I work for a busy agency where we have an eclectic mix of projects. Choosing what we build projects with is crucial because of the maintenance implications. CodeIgniter 3.0 wins quite often, here's why
  • Running isn't for everyone

    I've picked up an injury that has stopped me from running. It's made me think about my experience as a runner so far and whether some of us just aren't meant to run.
  • Blogging like a hacker

    Writing content for publication on the web has many options. Choice of framework is part of the process. Here's why Jekyll wins for me...

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